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So how did I get into the “screen printing business”? Well, ever since I was five years old I dreamt designing and printing t-shirts! No. That is completely false. I don’t honestly believe anyone ever plans, or dreams of becoming a screen printer, per se.  However, circumstances change and things happen leading you to unknown hidden paths in your life, and sometimes the path leads to t-shirts.

Back when I worked a regular corporate job I would spend my days pining over all my lost creative potential. Doodles, collages, paintings and projects were all displayed in a corner of my home-office like an altar to my potential life. Enough was enough, though. I decided to quit my “regular” job for a, um, somewhat, scribbly…foggy…plan of sorts.  I joined forces with my other half and merged our goals and talents to make it happen.

…and so The Anti Anti was birthed into the cosmos.

Wearing one of our creations: The Meowkowski Shirt.
Wearing one of our creation: The Meowkowski Shirt.

We are still a work in process. Much like any large, independent endeavor, there have been hurdles and kinks.  You realize there is a lot more creativity needed than you thought. 🙂