Surf Rock Sunday Monster riding wave

Here at the Anti-Anti we like our designs (mostly)hand-drawn. My latest project involves a monster, but not any monster.  A Surf Rock monster! What exactly IS a surf rock monster? I’m sorry you don’t already know. A Surf Rock monster is pure rock n’ roll in the chillest sense. They are (generally) good guys, they are solar powered and love mango smoothies infused with rum. They are highly misunderstood, however this doesn’t get this Monster down, they have the ocean and the ocean has them. It is mysteriously symbiotic. these monsters love to play music, and you will specifically find them playing in a band or… three simultaneously-in Venice Beach, every Sunday before dusk.

To create this guy, I used my imagirnations, some surf rock music, a pencil and a couple of Acurit and Micron pens. In this video I wanted to show a little snippet of the magic in the making.  I wanted to create a silly, happy, design that makes people smile.

(Music by Tojamura7 – Surfing)

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Check out these bands, they are worthy of a surf rock Sunday: