Tom Waits - our favorite devil

Thomas Alan Waits is our favorite devil indeed! Is he a super hero or villain? Is his voice really THAT fucked up sounding? Does he really drink THAT much? Yes and no. The truth about Tom Waits is that we will never actually how much of it is an act, and how much of it is real. This blurred line of theatrics and reality makes him a fascinating cat. This is why we love him.

The funny thing is that even though Tom Waits is a legend to some. He is described as “The last beatnik of contemporary music.” Yet he isn’t very famous, people either know him, or they don’t. Which is odd, if you check out his resume, it might just take you an entire day to get through those credits.  Funny enough, his most well-known songs are songs covered by already famous artists! (“Downtown Train” by Rod Stewart, anyone?)

When you listen to/watch Tom Waits stories, you get sucked into the seediness and come out feeling a little grittier, drunker and badass. Is there anything this man CAN’T do?

Do you dig Tom Waits? if so spread the good word, spread that good Tom Waits gospel. If someone tells you they have never heard of him discard them, or better yet make them familiar with him. Show them the movies and play them the songs/stories. Why? because he is a timeless part of our creative human history, he moves and shakes with his words. That, right there, is pure magic.

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Tom Waits shirt Big in Japan
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Tom Waits shirt Big in Japan


Also, if you love that voice Tom Waits described like “it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car.”  I will leave you with this cheeky little video.  Enjoy 🙂